Asco Fully Automatic Folding and Welding Machine
The Asco fully automatic folding and welding machine is a unique machine that automatically folds and welds fabric in one process. The machines are very reliable, come in various lengths and can be built to weld pockets, splines, tunnels, and zippers.
Asco Assembly Hoist
The Asco Assembly Hoist has a newly designed inspection bracket with quick clamp release leaves no marks or scratches on the headrail. It features a new lift rack with chain totally enclosed and a Bearing to prevent damaging tape surface.
Asco Programmable Cutting Table
The Asco Programmable Cutting table has a programmable length stop for quick, accurate and square cutting of made-to-measure awnings, screens and roller blinds. . It is very suitable for cutting high numbers of made-to-measure panels and constant roll changes.


Sani Asco SUD Holis Magnum Metal
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